Towerfall Ascension: A Different Review


Towerfall Ascension is a fast paced, frantic, nerve-wracking battle royale platformer that turns the dial back with its nifty, nostalgic graphics.

Towerfall Ascension is one of the very few games nowadays that offer couch co-op gameplay nowadays, and that’s a fantastic feature that I wish more games implemented. The problem? It only has couch co-op. No online co-op exists within this game and this proves troublesome for people like me, who only own one controller at the moment. I’m thus, constrained to only playing the single player portion of the game. A lot of fellow gamers shared a similar position as me because not everyone has another gamer they can play with even if they happen to have a second controller so this review will consider this game as if it was only the single player portion of it. So with that in mind, I’ll now tell you the reasons why you should or shouldn’t purchase this game.


Once you take away the couch co-op option, you’re left with the single player mode known as, “Quest”. It’s quite simple. The mode turns each of the multiplayer stages into a Horde-esque survival challenge. You fight off several waves of deadly AI enemies that increase in difficulty as the stage progresses. “Quest” proves to be quite a challenge as you survive through each level. I found myself playing one level for hours upon end, just to finally complete the seemingly endless waves of enemies and feel like a champion for my efforts, only to get crushed seconds later by the next level’s foes. The later levels of the Quest mode are quite hard and they prove to be challenging. You must think out all of your movements because one hit could end it all. When you’re at the very end of the level, with no lives left, and a few ferocious enemies are still lurking, your heart pounds for what is about to come. It’s truly nerve-wracking and you must be able to fight the pressure that comes your way. I spent countless hours completing every single level on normal and hardcore mode, which as the name suggests is extremely difficult. It’s easy to get sucked into this game with its easy control system and addictive play. Although it was just AI enemies, I still felt a rush of excitement from this game.

There’s one other mode available past couch co-op, and it’s called, “Trials”. It’s a refined version of the original’s target practice levels and they’re a welcome addition to the game. Each of these levels are like a puzzle that you must solve to best your most recent time. Using the game’s power-ups, the mode tasks you with the mission to clear the screen of any targets in just a few seconds. The goal is simple and it sounds easy but it’s actually quite difficult as your movements need to be perfect and any slip up could cost you that precious gold trophy. It’s a surprisingly compelling aspect of the game that I admittedly wrote off when I first booted it up, but I eventually tried it out and spent hours completing all of the available trials.


The single player additions are surprisingly addictive and are actually a viable option when you own only one controller or getting a group of friends together just isn’t a possibility. If you happen to own another controller or have the ability to bring together groups of friends quite often, this purchase is an absolute no-brainer if you own a PS4. Although I’m mostly constrained to the single player aspect, I don’t regret my purchase at all. I still play it quite often and fully enjoy my time spent with the game. I’d fully recommend this game for anyone and everyone.


Summary: Towerfall Ascension unfortunately lacks any online co-op options but the single player additions to this game are actually quite addictive and prove to be a viable reason to purchase this wonderful game. It’s a truly a blast and a game that I will return to time and time again. Especially once I get another controller.

Final Score: 8.3

Batman: Arkham Knight Release Date!

Batman: Arkham Knight, the final game in the stunning trilogy created by Rocksteady, is set to release on October 14th, 2014, for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. It’s the third and final game in Rocksteady’s accomplished Batman series, and it includes the Batmobile, which is basically invincible within this game and is set to be an amazing addition to the series. Kevin Conroy will return to voice the Bat as he has done in the previous two Batman games created by Rocksteady. The game is shaping up to be a great one and is part of a very busy fall/winter schedule for gaming this year. Rocksteady released several screenshots of the game and we’re here to show them to you! Check all of them out below:


arkham1 arkham2-1 arkham3 arkham4 arkham5 arkham6


Keep an eye on this game this fall and stay tuned to 8BitChimp!